Friday, July 18, 2008


So I'm new to this and just wanted to start off saying hi to all the bloggers out there!!

My name is Sara and I live in beautiful Mill Valley, CA which is about 10 minutes away from San Francisco, CA.

I am here earning (and that is the truth!!) my masters degree in Theological Studies. I have just graduated with a MAIS (which is a masters of arts in Intercultural Studies). Yes, thank you. This degree has be well earned with sweat, sleepless nights, fits of rage, anger, sadness, bursts of crying, many fond memories that will go with me from now to forever!!

I have a mom and dad that love me muchisimo and proud to say that they are in their 32nd year of marriage. I have an older sister who is married and has a wonderful little girl who is 14months old. I have a younger brother who lives in the Metroplex area of DFW!! He is very wonderful and has a heart as vast as the sky.

I love my family very much and miss them tons...

well i will leave room for later so that i will be able to post more than this!!