Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's slowly creeping up!

So....yeah...four weeks from friday i will be turning 30!! I'm so excited to see what life brings! I know this is almost the same as the last post, but i really am looking forward to this next year. I am hopeful for new opportunities and new life experiences.

It's interesting to think that I have been here in the Bay Area for 5 years!! I have done so many things yet there are so many places I haven't gone to yet!! This is one of my goals for this year...go on adventures that i have not been on!

Places to go....
Santa Cruz
Monterey Bay

The Opera..(doesn't matter which one!)
Broadway Show...(doesn't matter which one!)
Bay Area Derby....yes there is roller derby in the bay area!!
Giants Game...duh! :)
Sharks Game....(gotta hit up the cousin that has season tickets!! haa)
Hiking the Dipsea Trail...a nice steady running please!!

People to see...
Robin Williams....i'm still trying to find him! haa
George Lucas...i will find you too!!
Mi familia....i am making it a goal of mine to see you more than once in the next year!! i'm hopeful that i will! I miss all of you
Sarah W
Glory D
Gwen F
Geri Mc
Sydney SF
Jack L
Paula R
Lindsay H
Emily H
Jason H
Aubrey H
Kamryn H...real excited to get to see this person!!
New students at GGBTS....( doesn't hurt to look right??!!)
Just to name a few...if i left you out i'm terribly sorry!!

More Goals
Spend more time exploring, reading, relaxing, singing.

That's all you get today!! Hope it's a great one and know you are loved(even if i didn't put your name on the list! ;)


Friday, June 17, 2011

New Look

So...i just changed my profile design! How do you like it?

I know i haven't written in a while.

Things I'm thinking about as i turn 30 this year...

1. What the Heck?
2. How and what is my role in my family?
3. What do i contribute to my family?
4. How do i use my gifts and talents wisely?
5. When am i ever going to find a new job
6. How do i come across to people?
7. When is it my turn

ok those are somewhat of the top seven/the ones that i just thought up on the spot. :)

Today is friday and i'm glad.

SHECK you lata!