Friday, October 23, 2009


So I'm going to write in a new font or so i hope it's in a different font than the other posts I have posted so far!!

Something to think about.....When people ask you how's it going or how are you, are they just asking to be nice or are they truly wanting to spend 5-10 minutes actually listening to you about how your life is going?

I find it interesting when people come up to the window at my work and ask me that question. I start telling them how I am and then the next thing that happens to me is that they start talking about something else. Now, I'm not venting or anything, but find it interesting that not all but some do this to me. Is it just me or are there other people this happens to? OK, on to something else!

Yesterday I was able to hear a speaker, John Thomas, from Capetown South Africa. He by far is one of the most interesting and well spoken speakers I have heard this semester. Some of the things that are still resonating with what he said and how I'm trying to understand what the words he spoke mean for my life. First Lesson for me to grab hold of: Compassionate Action! This is who Jesus was! He was a compassionate actioner(i know not a real word)! He was able to all things will compassion and conviction to tell those who had fallen short of God's glory about the way to redemption. Question: Do I live my life that way? gonna have to say not so much! Yes, on some days more than others, but each and everyday nope!

Another thing i have to understand: "People listen to people who help them" meaning people who help people are more willing to listen to that person's story, etc because of the "love/attention" they have shown the person needing the help. Do I help people?

Last and most notably: You cannot separate the GOSPEL(the Word of GOD) from Compassionate Action!

What do you think people out in the blogosphere! Know that you are loved, and know that I am here to be a friend.

OK, probably should get back to work!! Have a wonderful/fantastic/amazing/beautiful weekend!