Friday, June 17, 2011

New Look

So...i just changed my profile design! How do you like it?

I know i haven't written in a while.

Things I'm thinking about as i turn 30 this year...

1. What the Heck?
2. How and what is my role in my family?
3. What do i contribute to my family?
4. How do i use my gifts and talents wisely?
5. When am i ever going to find a new job
6. How do i come across to people?
7. When is it my turn

ok those are somewhat of the top seven/the ones that i just thought up on the spot. :)

Today is friday and i'm glad.

SHECK you lata!


JHew said...


Josh and Stacy Mathews said...

Love the new look. So fun to see you the other night. Good questions!!! And 30 was a good year even though daunting at 29:)